She was 20 years old when she was left alone with her eight siblings. Here’s how she handles the matter.

When you’re twenty, you want to spend as much time as possible with your friends, have fun, relax, and meet new people. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to savor their youth to the fullest. There are times in life when the responsibility of making important decisions falls on the shoulders of very young people. Christy’s parents died in two years, according to fate. The girl was the oldest of eight children in a household of eight, and the youngest was only four years old.

Social services took interest in this family after the mother’s passing, and it was decided to distribute all of the children to orphanages. Kristy’s heart was pounding; how could they possibly be separated, what would happen to them, and where would she look for them all? After some thought, the girl said that she would be a guardian for her brothers and sisters and that she would do everything she could to ensure that they grew up together. Fortunately, Christy’s case was taken up by the local authorities, and the guardianship agency granted the family exactly half a year to demonstrate that they could live independently of an older sister.

Christy had no choice but to drop out of college and work from home in the hamlet. She was responsible for the farm, milking the cows, and transporting the children to and from kindergarten and school. She cooked, cleaned, and washed while her siblings were away. They were contacted by social services again six months later. They were able to ensure that the family is well-cared for, that everyone is clean, dressed, and nourished and that the house is tidy.

Christy managed to organize the siblings, and each had their own responsibilities: one of the boys was responsible for feeding the cattle, while the girls assisted in the kitchen, hung washing, and swept. There were some issues in the house, so I had to go to spring several kilometers away for water. When the local authorities learned of this, they delivered a water line to their residence, and it became a true holiday.

Artem, the next oldest in the family, entered a technical school. So Christy decided, while she is watching the younger ones, to let him get an education. When Artem came on weekends, he was engaged in “men’s work”: fixing something, nailing, repairing… The state also did not leave them. Christy receives an allowance for the little ones. The neighbor says that sometimes Christy comes to her to cry because it’s very hard for her, but then she wipes her tears and goes to work because she has no right to give up. She just wants to be a little, defenseless girl, too. Of course, Christy would like to go on dates and discos, but for her now family is the most important.

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She was 20 years old when she was left alone with her eight siblings. Here’s how she handles the matter.
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