Having a child is a joy!But sometimes we feel sorry for the Parents… (funny photoes)

Parents from all over the world agree on one thing: the heirs must always be visible throughout the first years of life. And a lot of patience, cleverness, and kindness to avoid becoming insane by accident. See what life is like for parents with small children and how unpredictable kids can be in the video below.

A cup? But it’s more convenient to drink this way!

Poor guy, both hands are busy. It’s good that voice control has already been invented.

Mom didn’t even know how much stuffing was in the pillows

— Sleeping?
– Yes, Mom, sleeping!

Why did you say there was nothing to wear? There are so many of them!

The city is falling asleep, but not him…

The whole family, neighbors, the cat, and the president of the country had a heart attack

Tired toys are sleeping…

And the dog is well-mannered, tolerates

Play with the baby! Yeah.

Teach children computer literacy from a young age, otherwise…

Sleeping? Well, okay.

Why did they come up with dirt if you can’t play in it?!!

What a sin to conceal, everyone sometimes wanted to do so

Buy markers but remember it is also necessary to monitor the use