Life is extremely unpredictable. The unusual story of the big family.

This amazing story took place in Colorado. Miss Page took a boy one day and a girl the next, and she had no idea they would turn out to be siblings. After divorcing her husband, the woman determined to make significant changes in her life.

She relocated her residence, workplace, and surroundings. She went to see the church and began working as a guardian in the center for boys and girls who had been abandoned by their parents.

At first, this work was very depressing for her, it was hard for her. But gradually she got involved and fell in love with this process. Soon the woman realized that she wanted to take a boy from this center. He was 4 days old. His mother left him.

Miss Page took custody of the boy. While all of the social services were seeking his real parents, she gave him the name Grayson. The woman was handed paperwork after the search was unsuccessful. As a result, Grayson was legally recognized as her son. However, the story does not finish here.

Miss Page received a call a few days later, asking her to pick up another boy or girl from the center. She was abandoned by a woman who was in labor. The woman felt compelled to take this young lady home with her. Miss Page has met the girl at long last. The most astounding part is that the little handle was adorned with a bracelet bearing Grayson’s parent’s name.

The woman found the address of Hannah’s biological mother (that’s what the girl was called) and met with her. She said she didn’t know anything about her son and she was expecting her third offspring. Katie Page reported this to her supervisor, who conducted a series of checks and confirmed that the boy and the girl were relatives. Well, this is not the end of the story. After all, soon the wayward mother refused the third offspring. And Katie Page is already taking custody. – Then my large family will be complete! – happy Paige smiles.

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Life is extremely unpredictable. The unusual story of the big family.
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