Heartbraking story of one dream. History proves that One can get out of any situation

Taira Fowley learned a few months before the wedding that her grandmother had gone to the special center due to her poor health and could no longer fly. But she was so happy to see the wedding that Taira found a way that allowed her dear person to be present at the celebration.

History proves that one can get out of any situation, it is enough to be able to see things more widely.

Taira said she knew what was her 103-year-old grandmother’s last wish. The nurse asked her about this, and the old woman replied that she would especially like to go to the wedding of her granddaughter.

So Taira came to the hospice, the grandmother was told that she had a visitor. Taira dressed as if for a wedding and waited for her. Then she wrote that it was one of the most wonderful days of her life.

Words cannot explain how important these moments are to me, and for the rest of my life I will remember them with great tenderness. Her smile and laughter … She took my face in her hands and said, “I love you very much. “And after 27 days, she passed away.

At the wedding, Taira surprised her whole family by showing these touching images. Taira wanted to grant her last wish, and we think she succeeded.