She has 21 children: how such a large family lives

Approximately a year and a half ago, the girl Bonnie was born in the Radfor family.

The birth of this girl caused a harsh reaction in the British media: TV programs, newspapers, and magazines were speaking about that event.


Because Bonnie is the 21st child in the family!

And a year ago, the same reaction was to the birth of the 20th child, the boy Archie.

The parents of a large family have known each other since they were kids.

They met when Sue was 7 years old, Noel was 12.

They had a lot in common, even the fact that they both grew up in foster homes, their parents abandoned them immediately after birth.

Already at the age of 13, Sue became pregnant with her first child, and at 14 she gave birth.

The guy and the girl were still so young, but they did not give the child to an orphanage.

They got married as soon as Sue turned 18.

In total, over 26 years of marriage, the couple has 21 children, Sue gave birth to her last baby at 43.

“At first we thought we’d stop at three, but we like having kids around so much that we can’t stop.

We are very used to children and love them,” Noel admits.

When the seventh child was born, the father of the family went for such a procedure as a vasectomy, but soon changed his mind and performed the reverse operation.

The whole huge family lives in a 10-room house, they bought it in 2004 for 240 thousand pounds.

The family also keep a blog where they talk about their live, about family holidays, nutrition, recreation and upbringing.

Every day the family drinks about 10 liters of milk, three liters of juice, and for one breakfast eats three boxes of cereal, and for a day they have about 18 kilograms of laundry!

The family very rarely goes to the movies, cafes, as one such trip will cost them a big sum of money.

But they really like family picnics, walks in the park or playing board games at home.

They are insanely happy that they have each other, because family is the greatest wealth in the world.

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She has 21 children: how such a large family lives
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