A 92-year-old pediatrician provides free care to children from low-income families. An outstanding example of humanity

Ivan Fontura: 92-year-old kind and humane pediatrician is living in Brazil.

Everyone in his hometown and out of it knows him and loves him very much.

After all, he is not just an excellent doctor, but also a person with a kind heart.

He visits poor families for free and treats their children.

At the age of 68, he retired, but he cannot imagine his life without medicine and helping others.

Every Monday and Thursday, Ivan Fontura provides free routine checks and treats kids from low-income families.

“I’ll work as long as I can,” says Ivan.

He is a very humble and kind person and always helps people, regardless of skin color and financial situation.

“He has a huge heart, he just loves to help others.

My husband wants the children to have a decent and healthy life,” says his wife Marta.

It is a real story in the real world that shows and proves that there are kind people in the world who appreciate their profession, people’s live more than money.

And it really gives hope that in the century where almost all the issues are solved due or thanks to money, there is still humanity and people have not forgotten their nature as a living creature.